Habitat Restoration Work Party

(Cancelled) was Saturday, February 9th, 2019 from 9:00am to 12:00pm (PT)
This event has been cancelled.


The forecast looks ominous and indeed the ground is frozen—not a good time to pull ivy and blackberry—especially with the forecasted inclement weather. To be prudent, the PCC Sylvania Habitat Restoration Team is cancelling tomorrow's work party, but please keep in mind our other future work parties!
Thank you! Be safe out there!
Sincerely, April Ann

Saturday February 9th 9 am to noon
 at PCC Sylvania's "Rainy Woods" between the ring road (G st) and Cervantes in Lake Oswego on the south side of campus. [See google maps and we usually park our cars on the southeast “corner” of the ring road

We plan on removing ivy, blackberry, and trimming hollies in preparation for March 9th's planting. We can also seed ball new areas here and around a neighbor's house adjacent to this site.