Transformative Living Community, Int'l



The people of Transformative Living Community, International (TLC, Int'l) are:
  • a body of engaged citizens rooted in faith.
  • serving justice, equity, and healing.
  • innovators transformating education through cultural programming and the creative arts.
  • strengthening the power of engaged citizenship through fellowship and community service learning.
  • committed to living creative, healthy, and sustainable lives.
  • stewards who respect and appreciate the natural and cultural environment in which we live and serve.
  • creating transformative solutions for global challenges.
  • equipped and inspired to better live and serve as conscientious leaders in our respective communities.
TLC, Int'l is a non-profit, faith-based community organization based in Portland, Oregon.  Current programs serve to support the growth and wellbeing of children, youth and families from low-income and traditionally disenfranchised communities through transformative education and the creative arts. We also offer self-care retreats and cultural competency coursework for social service employees who work closely with the populations we serve.

Sustainable Development Goals
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