Portland Homeless Family Solutions



Portland Homeless Family Solutions (PHFS) empowers homeless families with children to get back into housing and to stay there long-term. We envision a community where no family experiences homelessness and where every family receives the support and compassion necessary to thrive.

At PHFS, we believe you don't become homeless when you run out of money; rather, you become homeless when you run out of relationships. PHFS relies on an entire community of people to provide relationships-based services that empower people to improve the quality of their lives. We aren't just a handout or a band-aid; we help families change their lives for the better and bring about long-lasting and sustainable solutions.

PHFS practices "client-centered" and "trauma informed" methods of service delivery that believe in the power of the clients we serve to transform their own lives. We let the clients lead the process through shelter and back into permanent housing on their own; the PHFS staff is just here to support the families in achieving the goals they set for themselves.

By teaching life skills and providing case management to the families that we serve, we are giving the families the skills that they need to find and keep permanent housing, get new jobs, improve their income, get access to healthcare and mental health services, and learn new parenting skills so they can teach the next generation how to cope as adults when they grow up.

PHFS helps around 200 homeless families with children find temporary shelter and move back into permanent housing every year. It takes an average of 54 days to help families find permanent housing, and 94% of the families keep their housing long-term.

4 People | 1 Impact | 8 Hours | 180 Total Economic Impact

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