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The Bus Project does volunteer-driven democracy for our generation. We are workin' hard to build a great future and to empower great leaders—such as yourself—who will make it even greater.

We are thousands of Oregonians, young and young-on-the-inside, doing democracy in a hands-on way. We put feet on the streets, butts in the seats and votes in the election…eets. We work to make politics more accessible, more equitable and more innovative. We know our generation can save the world and we need your help. (Listen, we know “saving the world” sounds kinda hokey to some of you, but somebody seriously needs to do it and that somebody should be you and everyone you know. Seriously.)

We got started in 2002 by a bunch of young leaders in a bar. They didn't like the way politics was going and they decided to turn things around. So they bought a Bus & started getting volunteers on it, to make real political change and empower a whole new generation in democracy. They took the Bus around the state, helped some great people win elections, got thousands of regular people involved and just kept going.

And now, here we are. Welcome to the Bus. You'll never want to get off it.

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