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CBL Community Engagement Award: Nomination Form
The CBL Community Engagement Award is awarded every year to a PCC student who completes a Community-Based Learning project during the current* academic year. Awardees will receive a certificate of recognition, a $100 gift certificate, and will be acknowledged and honored at the annual Community-Based Learning Banquet. CBL Staff will review the nomination and reflection to determine the awardee(s). The nominations will be judged primarily on the Student Reflection Section, not on the project itself. CBL staff will also contact the Community Partner where the community-based learning assignment/project was completed. The Community Partner will be asked to complete a recommendation. The recommendation is not required for the student to be considered for the award. Multiple students who participated in the same project should be nominated separately.

*Nominations for Spring term will be considered, but may not be recognized until the following year’s Community-Based Learning Banquet.
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Select the term in which the course was taken
ex: 2018
Select the last option "Not Listed" if you do not see the course listed.
Please provide the course if it is not included in the list above.
Please provide a brief (1-2 sentences) description of the CBL assignment. You can also copy and paste directly from the syllabus.
Did the student's reflection(s) demonstrate critical thinking?
Did the student's reflection(s) show their ability to connect their project to class learning objectives?
Did the student's reflection(s) demonstrate that the student understood how the project addressed a community need?
Did the student complete all requirements of the CBL component?
Why do you think that this student is a good candidate for this award?
Feel free to upload any supporting documents that demonstrate the student's learning and/or impact related to the CBL component (ex: reflection paper, presentation, photos, etc...)