PCC Sylvania Habitat Restoration


The PCC Sylvania Habitat Restoration Team continues to meet in ST 201 every other Friday mid-day and for small, outdoor work parties. We meet Fridays 11 am to 12:50 pm (except for some special events) and you can record your hours here! Sign up for one of our meetings and/or work parties and we'll email you the location if not in ST 201. Everyone is welcome to join in our planning, our turtle project, and/or mini work parties! Minors under 15 should be accompanied by a guardian. Email April Ann.

Our goals are to:

--conserve, restore, and encourage Northwest biodiversity at PCC Sylvania and beyond
--create community and community projects for students, staff, faculty, administration, neighbors, and other interested people
--develop personal and team decision-making skills that encourage environmental awareness
--to understand and apply ecological concepts in the urban ecosystem, so we actively steward land
--to model how taking care of the environment helps to take care of all of us
--to enhance the natural areas around PCC Sylvania and to provide nice, safe places for people and wildlife
Sustainable Development Goals
257 People | 789 Impacts | 1,807 Hours

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